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"Thank youf or all you help with TooQuick Video Encryption Software. All is up and running smoothly now. A great product and fantastic tech support!"

Jeremy Saunders
S. Developer
Net Wire Ltd.

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video encryption

TooQuick Video Encryption Software for All Platform

Our software will encrypt any file, no matter what it contains,but experts in the media encryption ,all you need to do is to drag the file to our software.

Professional media encryption for all media format:
e.g., wmv, avi, asf, mpg, rm, rmvb, mp4, flv, and other media file

You have sensitive data to protect? There is only one reliable way – encryption, and it is not as hard as you might think. If you are looking for quality encryption software, which you could use without being a crypto expert, then TooQuick Video Encryption Software is what you need.

A complete solution for file encryption and backup, TooQuick Video Encryption Software for All Platform has been designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, and performs most operations with a single mouse click and drag. Still, it is serious encryption software you can trust. You don't need to be a crypto expert to use military-grade encryption, you simply need to choose the right software!

video encryption

The Advantages Of Our Encryption Software


TooQuick Video Encryption Software have been developing file encryption software since 2006, and we leverage our expertise in cryptography to provide innovative solutions for both home and corporate use. Our products address a wide range of customers’ needs, from basic file encryption to automated enterprise-level data security systems.

We center our software development around ease of use and reliability. Our products are stable, reliable, and secure, have no learning curve, and require zero maintenance. They fully integrate into Windows, completely hiding the complexities of encryption. User does not need to learn new commands and operation procedures because encrypting files or folders is done the same way as copying them.

Our encryption software provide fully functional will seamlessly fit into any existent corporate security infrastructure. Our products are compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions including latest Windows 7 and mac ,linux.

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User reviews:

"An excellent encryption software to protect video."
How to protect my training course video , this problem has troubled me a long time. The encryption software can help me to solve this problem, It is fast,secure,smart .
- Brinkman At hotmail

"The best program of its kind on the market!"
It is without a doubt the BEST program of its kind on the market. It's so fast and simple to use, I recommend this program to anyone wanting to encrypt word document! Thanks for making this software, and for the constant software updates, too!
- Graeme Gibson ,New York

"Sensitive content files protection,easy!"
Well, as i am sharing my computer with my room mate, i tied to keep my private stuff away from his reach. at the begining it was a little bit difficult, yet i have found this solution that enables me to encrypt my video and document . so far so good.
- Tim Bentley

"One computer, One password,you only need to encrypt files one time."
I have a lot of media files and document, i want a password protection for every computer on the network, one computer=one password. Now ,it's ok.
- Chuck Krautblatt

"Don't worry about drawings stolen"
Nothing ,encrypt your drawings using Drawing Encryption Solution .
- Al Harberg